Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Turn Off Comment Word Verification

One of the most annoying things for me to encounter when making a comment on a fellow Blogger blog is seeing one of these dreaded images:

At least those two examples are somewhat readable, sometimes I get impossibly garbled words, Asian characters, or even musical notes. How do they expect us to be able to reproduce things like that?

It really is a pain, and I hate to say it but sometimes I just close the tab and leave without commenting whenever that window pops up.  I am not alone in this thinking either, just do a Google search for turn off word verification and you'll come up with tons of posts from other people ranting about it.

Do all of your readers a huge favor and disable this bothersome 'feature'.  Read on to find out how.

Word verification is an outdated method for blocking spam that even Blogger has deprecated in its system.  They actually now have a very effective spam blocking filter that runs behind the scenes and don't recommend using word verification anymore.  In fact, they no longer have the option for turning it on and off in the new dashboard.

So what about the people who have switched to using the new dashboard but still have word verification enabled?

Follow the steps below to turn that pesky thing off:

First, login and go to your dashboard at www.blogger.com

Note: If you are using Blogger in Draft as your default dashboard, you will have to disable it first by unticking the check box seen below and then going to www.blogger.com:

Then click on the gear icon near the top right corner of your browser:

Now click on Old Blogger interface, to bring up the old style dashboard:

Now click on Settings, to open up the settings tab:

Now click on the Comments link, to access the comments settings:

Scroll down until you see Show word verification for comments? and select No:

Then scroll to the bottom and click on the Save Settings button:

Now if you want to go back to the new interface, scroll back to the very top and click on Try the updated blogger interface:

Now sit back and enjoy your nice word verification free blog. Your readers surely will.

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